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TF Properties Limited (TF Properties, TFP) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Teachersu2019 Fund (the Fund, TF) a collective investment scheme of Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) registered members. TF Properties was registered on 28th November 2006 as a private limited liability company by the Registrar General in accordance with the Companies Act, 1963 (ACT 167). The authorized business of TF Properties is to engage in the business of real estate development and management services. The establishment of TF Properties is a result of the Fundu2019s ambition to provide competitive investment returns to members whose funds are committed to TFu2019s investments over the contributors working life. Prior to the establishment of TF Properties, the Fundu2019s real estate investments were held as a unique asset class in its portfolio. As a consequence of strategic purpose, the Board of Trustees approved the establishment of an entity to hold and manage its real estate investments more efficiently.

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